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The World is a Puzzle

Dad was sitting watching television, when his little boy came running over.  “Daddy, can you play with me?” Dad enjoys playing with his son, and plans to give him plenty of time, but not just yet. “Soon, son, soon” says Dad. “When this program finishes.” Five minutes later the little boy returns. “Daddy, can we […]

Atheism Meaning of Life Sermon Illustrations Worldview

The Madman

German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once told the following parable to discuss the possibility of belief in God. His madman echoes the tragedy of a world in which we have lost belief in God but are unable to find something more worthy to take God’s place, leaving us orphaned in the universe Have you not heard […]

Bible Christ Sermon Illustrations Worldview

The Map That Changed the World

Map making goes by the name of cartography. It may not sound terribly interesting, but in 1815 a cartographer by the name of William Smith produced a map that changed the world. William Smith was an English orphan who grew up in poverty. He became a surveyor and during his time surveying the countryside he […]