Animals Environment Sermon Illustrations

The Whaling Station

On the South coast of NSW, Australia, in a town named Eden, there is an old whaling station. No longer used for whaling it has been turned into a whale museum. If you visit you’ll read the story of a killer whale that struck up a very special relationship with the whalers. When whales were […]

Animals Sermon Illustrations

Cruel Drivers

Sometimes we humans can be very cruel. A few years ago Professor David Shepherd of Southeastern Louisiana University conducted an experiment that showed just how cruel. Shepherd and his colleagues placed eight fake turtles and snakes at various points along a road, directly in the path of oncoming vehicles. At other places they put eight […]

Animals Dominion Sermon Illustrations

Lord of the Beasts

An English biologist, Gavin Maxwell tells the story of how two otter cubs were brought to the UK from Nigeria. One morning a Church of Scotland minister was walking along the foreshores of a nearby lake and saw the otter cubs playing by the edge. He pulled out a shotgun and shot them. One of […]