In January 2001 Canada’s first Ice Hotel was opened. Yes, you heard me right – Ice Hotel. It’s a hotel made out of 4,500 tons of snow and 250 tons of ice and cost $750,000 Canadian to build. It has beds made of ice, an ice bar, two ice art galleries and an ice cinema. Before it opened already 1,000 people had booked rooms. But those wanting to stay needed to get in quick – the Ice Hotel only lasts three months – it is due to melt by April.

The apostle Paul tells us that this world with its powers and values is passing away. It is impermanent, to be replaced with a new heaven and earth conforming to God’s desire. He calls us to live here and now by the values of that new era, rather than expending all our time and energy on things so impermanent. The ice hotel presents a challenge – are we expending our time and energy on things that are as impermanent?
Source: reported by Reuters, January 1, 2001