Generosity Sermon Illustrations Stewardship Wealth

Alan Barnhardt

Alan Barnhart is an American businessman who owns and runs a business valued at $250 million When he was at University he poured over the teaching of Jesus and was struck by Jesus call to generosity and his warnings about wealth. He was determined that when he went into business he would not allow any […]

Sermon Illustrations Stewardship Wealth

He Will

The telephone rings in the pastor’s office. “Hello, is this Pastor Johns?” the caller asks. “Yes it is.” “This is the tax department. We wonder if you can help us” The pastor feels butterflies in his tummy. Why is the tax department ringing him? Nervously he replies “I’ll do the best I can.” “Do you […]

Prayer Sermon Illustrations Stewardship Wealth

I Won’t Pray Til You Give

How often do we ask God for things that we really have no right to? Tony Campolo was once a guest speaker at a mission rally, when he was asked to lead in prayer for a missionary doctor the group supported. The goal of the prayer? That God might provide the $5000 urgently needed for […]