Homosexuality Sermon Illustrations

Mel White

Mel White is an ordained minister of a Metropolitan Community Church in the United States. You may not have heard of the Metropolitan Community Church, but if you were to walk into one of their services you’d find it very much like an Evangelical one. The people around you would be singing songs of praise […]

Belonging Depending on One Another Discipleship Homosexuality Love Sermon Illustrations


Tony Campolo tells the sad story from his high school days of how he failed to truly be a Christian. There was a boy in his class named Roger. Roger was gay. Everyone knew and tormented him for it. They heaped verbal and even physical abuse upon him. One day the abuse reached a crescendo. […]

Grace Homosexuality Judging Others Lord's Supper Sermon Illustrations


The movie Priest tells the story of a young Catholic priest sent to a church in working class Liverpool, England. When he arrives he struggles with the liberal religious views of the senior parish priest. But we soon discover that his struggle is part of a greater internal struggle – you see our newly arrived priest is […]

Biblical Homosexuality Interpretation Sermon Illustrations

Dear Dr Laura

Dr Laura is an America radio personality who hosts a talkback style program. It is said that she once condemned homosexuality as an abomination to God, quoting Leviticus 18.22, and claimed that this verse settled the matter. The letter found below was written in response and has been circulating on the internet. Regardless of one’s […]