Biblical Interpretation

A Mirror or a Window

When you read bible does it function as a window or a mirror? For many people the Bible serves as a mirror that reflects back to them what they already believe. It is a powerful mirror, for it provides divine sanction for their beliefs, values and behavior. ┬áBut unfortunately that’s all it does. For others […]

Biblical Homosexuality Interpretation Sermon Illustrations

Dear Dr Laura

Dr Laura is an America radio personality who hosts a talkback style program. It is said that she once condemned homosexuality as an abomination to God, quoting Leviticus 18.22, and claimed that this verse settled the matter. The letter found below was written in response and has been circulating on the internet. Regardless of one’s […]

Community Interpretation Perspective Video

Awareness Test. Can You See the Dancing Bear Video

An incredible video highlighting how we tend to see only what we’re looking for and easily miss things. Can be applied to relationships, not seeing the needy, worldview and how we interpret the bible.