Second Coming Stories

Are We Ready?

The approach of the year 2000 brought a lot of hysteria with it. Many people were convinced that the “millennium bug” would crash our computers and bring life as we know it to a halt. Some TV networks ran stories about the lead up to 2000. One was about Steve Watson. Steve was a 45 year old computer systems analyst from Oklahoma, USA. He was also convinced that when the clock struck midnight 2000 the millennium bug was going to unleash a disaster of epic proportions. Steve predicted that the electricity grid would die, communications networks would fail, financial markets would crash, banks would close, planes and trains would stop and the entire world would be engulfed by panic, looting and riots. But Steve was going to be ready. When the clock struck midnight he and his family were safely holed up in a bunker in Oklahoma. He had his stockpiles of food and medicines, his own power and water, his new found living off the land skills – why heck he didn’t even know how to tan a hide until mid 1999! And Steve Watson, who had never previously owned a gun, will have several, including four M-16 assault rifles, and lots of ammunition. You’ll be pleased to know that he does not consider himself an extremist, a wacko or some wild-eyed Armageddon-monger. He’s just ready!

Christians (and indeed humanity) are waiting an event of much greater proportions than the Y2K bug or any other bug – the return of Jesus Christ. The question is, will we be ready?

Source: Reported on Australian Current Affairs show

Jesus is Gonna Win

While a student at theological college in the United States Bernard Travaieille was playing basketball with some friends. They were using the court at a nearby school, where a friendly old janitor would patiently wait until they had finished their game before locking up. One day Bernard noticed the janitor was reading the bible. In fact he discovered the old janitor was reading the Book of Revelation.

Bernard was surprised. It was a difficult book to interpret even for highly trained bible students! “Do you understand it?” asked Bernard.

“Oh yes, I understand it” the janitor replied.

Now Bernard was really intrigued. Here was this book that baffled scholars, that was the focus of every conspiracy theory known to humanity, and this old man, a janitor with little formal education, claimed to understand it!

“You understand the Book of Revelation?! What do you think it means?” asked Bernard.

The old man looked up at him and very quietly said, “It means that Jesus is gonna win.”


Source: Reported by Bernard Travaieille in Illustrations Unlimited